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Is 4th the new 1st in the Premier League?

Posted on April 20, 2010 by in Man City, Spurs

The race for the fourth spot in the Premiership is more entertaining than seeing the same old stalwarts jostling for the top spot. Seriously Chelsea, Man United, and Arsenal in the top three, yawn.  Same ol same old story.  Although individually there are some interesting aspects to Man United’s and Chelsea’s seasons, viz, Man U’s performance after the loss of Ronaldo and of course Rooney’s disastrous ankle injury. Chelsea’s ups and downs have been well documented, what with a loss against Tottenham in the final leg of the season and problems with the Captain (Terry).  Arsene Wenger’s fighting to make something of his young Arsenal side hasn’t even been mentioned.

No the action is all about the coveted fourth spot.  It has been noted how things have gone from bad to worse with the chances of Liverpool recently.  What with Rafa Benetez’s position as manager being called into doubt.  The final nail in the coffin must surely (not for Benetez but for Liverpool) be the injury of Fernando Torres.

No no no, forget all that lot.  Tottenham Hot Spur and Manchester City, both having played the same number of games and being within 2 points of one another, is where it’s at.  What a show down.  Tottenham are cooking after defeating Chelsea, which combined with the win that Paul Scholes stole in the final minute against Man City has really mixed things up at the end of the season.

Tottenham have got to play Man Utd, Bolton, Man City, and finally Burnley.

Manchester City have got Arsenal, Aston Villa, Tottenham, and West Ham.

Harry Rednapp has been relatively quite of late, unlike, Mancini who is always doing interviews. Harry has talked of expecting a rough ride to the finish.  He does have problems on the wing and in defense what with missing Aaron Lenon and Ledley King. This is a big blow to the side, but, they have showed character and fitness levels required to beat two of the best sides in the country.

Man City are going into the last four games with dented pride after losing to Man United.  Arguably, and feel free, Man City have the stronger side with their key players in place.

In terms of the final teams to play they are quite evenly matched.  So that leaves it up to who will be playing and confidence levels.  To conclude it’s got to be a toss up, there’s nothing in it, with Tottenham’s confidence being canceled out by Man City’s stronger squad.

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