August 22, 2019

Tottenham fans are losing faith….. but why?

Posted on February 14, 2010 by in English Premier League, Spurs

Over at Spurs-Web there has been an interesting debate about whether Tottenham’s Champions League dream is over. Tottenham fans had the utmost faith in Harry Redknapp.

Most expected spurs to finish in the top four of the premiership.  Then…. whack.  A disasterous home game against Wolves, and Tottenham whimper off with their tales between their legs after having succombed to the double by Wolves.

Obvoius questions flying around now are ‘can Spurs finish in the top four?’  Especially as Liverpool has picked up it’s game.  Not to mention Manchester City widening the points gap.  Have they blown the chances of qualifying for the Champions League?

One of the more pessimistic views was that Redknapp was to blame for using an under strength team against Wolves.  Perhaps he was experimenting with risky selections because he thought it would be an easy game. Some fans expect Tottenham to be fighting for the 6th place and a battle with Villa for the last Europa League place.

On the bright side this is only one bad result. One bad result doesn’t mean it’s all over. But, with some tuff games to come spurs really need to believe in themselves to claw back this one bad result.  The players really need fight for every game.  Will the likes of Messrs Bentley, Jenas, and Huddlestone be up to the job?

Six place hear we come!! But, not necessarily, if Man U, Chelsea, Aresnal and Villa slip up there is sitll a fighting chance.


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