February 23, 2019

Tottenham above Arsenal in the Premier League, are the gooners goners?

Posted on December 1, 2009 by in English Premier League

Tottenham have leap frogged Arsenal and are now on the coat tails of Man United and Chelsea. It is all to play for with Tottenham only 5 points behind Man United in the league.  Harry Redknapp as mentioned that he beleives Arsenal have lost their chance of winning the Premier League title.  Arsene Wenger’s comments of late have been more and more negative.

Harry Redknapp commented on Sky Sports News “Anyone who knew anything about football knew how strong Chelsea were before the weekend.
“And Man United, I said weeks and weeks ago that I could see Chelsea and Man United fighting out the championship this year and that’s how I am sure it is going to be again.”

Redknap beleives that if Chelsea can show such strength against Arsenal there is no stopping them.

Whether Tottenham can be a serious challenge to Man United is another thing.  Harry has thinks it likely that the two of them [Chelsea and Man United] will pull away at the top and will be fighting it our for the Premiership title.

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