September 18, 2019

You can’t blame Rooney it’s the Premierships that’s to blame

Posted on July 6, 2010 by in FIFA World Cup

Time to talk about the FIFA World Cup. It’s ended for England. Which is a bitter disappointment of course. After reading a post over at we’ve decided to talk about this a bit more. A disappointment yes, but, a surprise, probably not.

With the media constantly telling us that the England team can win the World Cup even the most level headed fan could be fouled. Wait a minute….if you start to believe the hype you come to ignore the failings of the Premier League. IMHO these include a lack of domestic players, too much money, and hyped up celebrity. If it wasn’t for the money the Premiership would not be awash with foreign players.

Not to mention the real allegiances of the players. Which, of course, must first be to their clubs. The clubs which pay the wages and that are the route of their celebrity. The situation is not likely to change in a big way because the Premiership will not be short of cash, especially now Asian nations are paying billions for Premiership rights.

Another issue is the way some players sulk when they aren’t playing in the their favoured position. If they are good enough to be paid the sums of money they receive how come their performance dips so badly if they have to be played out of position. Every time Stephen Gerrard is played in another place than a central position he throws his toys out of the pram. But he’s had at least two years where he must have known that he’d be paired with Lampard in a position other than the beloved central position. Wait a minute, he was supposed to be the captain. If the captain ain’t motivated, and by all accounts looking like he is making some kind of protest, it’s no wonder the rest of the players didn’t live up to the job.