August 22, 2019

Who will replace Modric at Tottenham

Posted on August 14, 2012 by in English Premier League, Spurs

Spurs transfer news

News surrounding Luca Modric increases by the day. Real Madrid are look like the most likely destination. A move that will pay for new transfers for Tottenham. So who’s going to take the midfielder’s role at Tottenham?

Tottenham have signed the Icelandic Midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson from Swansea. Reported picking up a 5 year contract Sigurdsson must have the full backing of the Spur hierarchy. Something the Icelander is most happy about because he believes ‘Spurs are going places’. A top for place and Champions League football?

Sigurdsson has shown signs that he can live up to being Modric’s replacement after netting 7 goals in 19 appearances for Swansea.

A more likely replacement for Modric is the Brazillian wonder boy Oscar rumored to be making a £20million move from a Brazillian side. This looks like a Villas-Boas inspired move whereas Sigurdsson’s possibly isn’t.

As Villas-Boas looks to make is mark it’s alarming how much he is changing the team around. Brad Friedel’s place is in doubt and apparently Villas-Boas is considering changing van der Vaart. Players that where fundamental in Tottenham’s success in the 2011/12 season.

It will be an exciting start to the new season.

Is 4th the new 1st in the Premier League?

Posted on April 20, 2010 by in Man City, Spurs

The race for the fourth spot in the Premiership is more entertaining than seeing the same old stalwarts jostling for the top spot. Seriously Chelsea, Man United, and Arsenal in the top three, yawn.  Same ol same old story.  Although individually there are some interesting aspects to Man United’s and Chelsea’s seasons, viz, Man U’s performance after the loss of Ronaldo and of course Rooney’s disastrous ankle injury. Chelsea’s ups and downs have been well documented, what with a loss against Tottenham in the final leg of the season and problems with the Captain (Terry).  Arsene Wenger’s fighting to make something of his young Arsenal side hasn’t even been mentioned.

No the action is all about the coveted fourth spot.  It has been noted how things have gone from bad to worse with the chances of Liverpool recently.  What with Rafa Benetez’s position as manager being called into doubt.  The final nail in the coffin must surely (not for Benetez but for Liverpool) be the injury of Fernando Torres.

No no no, forget all that lot.  Tottenham Hot Spur and Manchester City, both having played the same number of games and being within 2 points of one another, is where it’s at.  What a show down.  Tottenham are cooking after defeating Chelsea, which combined with the win that Paul Scholes stole in the final minute against Man City has really mixed things up at the end of the season.


Tottenham fans are losing faith….. but why?

Posted on February 14, 2010 by in English Premier League, Spurs

Over at Spurs-Web there has been an interesting debate about whether Tottenham’s Champions League dream is over. Tottenham fans had the utmost faith in Harry Redknapp.

Most expected spurs to finish in the top four of the premiership.  Then…. whack.  A disasterous home game against Wolves, and Tottenham whimper off with their tales between their legs after having succombed to the double by Wolves.

Obvoius questions flying around now are ‘can Spurs finish in the top four?’  Especially as Liverpool has picked up it’s game.  Not to mention Manchester City widening the points gap.  Have they blown the chances of qualifying for the Champions League?