September 18, 2019

Rafa Benitez… pro and cons… Ronnie Whelan says get rid

Posted on January 17, 2010 by in Liverpool

He hasn’t noticed the quality of some of the player he has let go;

Robbie Keane – who has performed well at Tottenham
Craig Bellamy – playing for Manchester City who has adapted to Roberto Mancini’s changes with gusto
Peter Crouch – also playing well for Tottenham, and probably in the world cup squad for South Africa.

The strange team selection and transfer signings have resulted in more bad signings than good.

On the “up side”, and put this in inverted commas because there really arn’t any. Except that Rafa has had some good history at Liverpool FC. Many used to site in the “Rafa United camp”, like the author of five reasons Rafa Benitez must leave Liverpool FC now.

Not unsurprisingly this is the tone of opinion about this once sucessful manager.


The last nail…. from bad to worse for Liverpool

Posted on January 15, 2010 by in Liverpool

At LetsCompareBets we noted the negative press about Rafa Benetez recently. Amungst all the negativity there was still a glimer of hope for the Liverpool manager. If he could start playing well in the new year and get Torres playing consistantly his management would be saved.

By then…. Liverpool went an lost to Reading. Yes Reading the championship side. Leaving only the Europa League as the only chance of silverware for Liverpool this season.

Now we’re not saying Reading are a rubbish team when taken in context, however, against a side like the Reds this shouldn’t have happened.