September 18, 2019

Liverpool’s hopes of getting European football are smashed for another season.

Posted on April 26, 2013 by in Champions League

With five titles of the European cup (now Champions league), Liverpool are the most successful English club in history, but Liverpool have not succeeded in the Champions league for quite some time. Instead of that, for the past couple of seasons Liverpool are regular in the Europa league. Europa league is a competition that has improved rapidly over the last seasons and has started to become a priority for many big clubs. Bigger teams tend to put Europa league aside and concentrate on the national championship. After Liverpool was eliminated from both domestic cups, their only hope of saving a season came in form of the Europa league.

That hope was extinguished in the early stages in the 2012 season, as Liverpool got eliminated from the Europa league too. After going 0-2 down in the first leg in St. Petersburg, a 3-1 victory at Anfield was not enough for the Reds to qualify to the last 16. Liverpool did not make Europa league a priority this season, but after a highly unsuccessful Premiership season, where a title race is out of the question and even a place in the European competitions next season is highly doubtful, fans where bitterly disappointed after the Europa league elimination. Liverpool clearly put 110% into the second leg victory but it was not enough.

After a disappointing season fans are focusing on the commitment of Luis Suarez. There was some clear disappointment after an early exit from the Europa league, especially after his contribution in the game was particularly marvelous.

Elimination from a tournament after being proved, in the view of fans, to be the better side this must be a trying time for players. Liverpool now face a tough battle with Arsenal and Everton for the Europa league place next season. Arsenal and Everton have their own problems, in our opinion there is everything to play for.

Elimination might increase their determination for the European spots nest season. There is no doubt that Liverpool posses the quality for that achievement. Fans hope they have the spirit to get there.

We will get a brighter look at current Liverpool situation at their upcoming Premiership game against Wigan. Liverpool usually have problems with this small club and it is a best possible game to show us Liverpool’s ambition for the remaining of the season. Liverpool state of mind will decide their form in the last rounds of the league. Liverpool never gave up on a season and as long as there is a possibility of reaching European competitions, we are sure that Liverpool will keep fighting for that place.

With Liverpool already eliminated from all competitions, it is expected to invest all they have in the Premier league. But that fact can also backfire as players might have low self-esteem and perform under expectations. First few games in March will probably be crucial for the rest of Liverpool’s season.

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