April 18, 2019

Foreigners are stealing top managers jobs

Posted on December 23, 2009 by in English Premier League, Man City

When the money comes the management changes.  Look at the top teams in the Premiership today.  All the top managers jobs go to foreigners.  With a campaign to promote home grown premiership football players gaining interest the same can’t be said for British football managers.

Why shoud it be this way?

It could be the higher wages…. this may explain why foreigners are so happy to come to the UK.

A more controversial view could be that it is foreign money that comes to propel our clubs into the top flight.  Is this  a conspiracy?  Who knows but look at the evidence.  Viz Chelsea, Liverpool and Man City.  Arsenal has Arsene, not due to foreign money but another foreigner managing one of our top teams.  With foreign managers comes an influx of foreign players, thus compounding the problem of developing home grown players in the premiership.

Don’t be surprised if Alex Furgusson is replaced by a foreigner, a view that Harry Rednapp has expressed.  At the time of press Harry Rednapp is our top placed manager in the premiership.  Lets hope he can hold out against Roberto Mancini.

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