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Who will replace Modric at Tottenham

Posted on August 14, 2012 by in English Premier League, Spurs

Spurs transfer news

News surrounding Luca Modric increases by the day. Real Madrid are look like the most likely destination. A move that will pay for new transfers for Tottenham. So who’s going to take the midfielder’s role at Tottenham?

Tottenham have signed the Icelandic Midfielder Gylfi Sigurdsson from Swansea. Reported picking up a 5 year contract Sigurdsson must have the full backing of the Spur hierarchy. Something the Icelander is most happy about because he believes ‘Spurs are going places’. A top for place and Champions League football?

Sigurdsson has shown signs that he can live up to being Modric’s replacement after netting 7 goals in 19 appearances for Swansea.

A more likely replacement for Modric is the Brazillian wonder boy Oscar rumored to be making a £20million move from a Brazillian side. This looks like a Villas-Boas inspired move whereas Sigurdsson’s possibly isn’t.

As Villas-Boas looks to make is mark it’s alarming how much he is changing the team around. Brad Friedel’s place is in doubt and apparently Villas-Boas is considering changing van der Vaart. Players that where fundamental in Tottenham’s success in the 2011/12 season.

It will be an exciting start to the new season.

Home grown rule will not save our World Cup hopes

Posted on August 6, 2010 by in England, English Premier League, FIFA World Cup, Home Grown Talent

The home grown player rule will help Britain’s next World Cup attempt but is it enough?

Press recently about the ‘home grown’ players rule has been mixed. The home grown players rule is basically a quota that will apply to the Premier League only. Premier League clubs must name a squad of 25 players. Eight of which must have been trained in England or Wales for three years. 

On the face of it this rule looks great for promoting home grown talent at the grass roots level.  An unlimited number of under 21 players are allowed in the squad which add to this.  After coming up through a youth academy Wayne Rooney has stated his support for the initiative, ” vital to the future of England and the Premier League” Wayne said. 

This is exactly right.  The national team needs a boost and fresh talent if they’re going to have a chance at future World Cup tournaments.  Another plus point to the new ruling is that it should spice up the transfer market.

However, some important points have been left out of the press releases.  The rule states players must have been playing in the UK for at least 3 years.  So the players don’t actually have to be English.  Any foreign players already playing her for three years apply.  But, it’s a step in the right direction.

The Premier League has also boosted youth development by increasing the amount of coaching hours at academies.  Hopefully the second step in this process will be to alter the rule so that it applies only to English players.  Something we can possibly expect over the coming years.

You can’t blame Rooney it’s the Premierships that’s to blame

Posted on July 6, 2010 by in FIFA World Cup

Time to talk about the FIFA World Cup. It’s ended for England. Which is a bitter disappointment of course. After reading a post over at efootie.com we’ve decided to talk about this a bit more. A disappointment yes, but, a surprise, probably not.

With the media constantly telling us that the England team can win the World Cup even the most level headed fan could be fouled. Wait a minute….if you start to believe the hype you come to ignore the failings of the Premier League. IMHO these include a lack of domestic players, too much money, and hyped up celebrity. If it wasn’t for the money the Premiership would not be awash with foreign players.

Not to mention the real allegiances of the players. Which, of course, must first be to their clubs. The clubs which pay the wages and that are the route of their celebrity. The situation is not likely to change in a big way because the Premiership will not be short of cash, especially now Asian nations are paying billions for Premiership rights.

Another issue is the way some players sulk when they aren’t playing in the their favoured position. If they are good enough to be paid the sums of money they receive how come their performance dips so badly if they have to be played out of position. Every time Stephen Gerrard is played in another place than a central position he throws his toys out of the pram. But he’s had at least two years where he must have known that he’d be paired with Lampard in a position other than the beloved central position. Wait a minute, he was supposed to be the captain. If the captain ain’t motivated, and by all accounts looking like he is making some kind of protest, it’s no wonder the rest of the players didn’t live up to the job.


What does Franz Beckenbauer know….

Posted on June 15, 2010 by in England

Mr Beckenbauer knows a fair bit.  He has had great success as a player, coach and manager.  So he is qualified to comment on England’s performance.  But, slightly unwise and poor timing.  Although many will agree with his comments, although, he has slaughtered England. Is he worried that England will be playing Germany in the first round of the knock out stages.

He’s not sure if Capello can change the England team.  He thinks England are regressive under Capello.

Mr Beckenbauer is making England out to be a fallen footballing nation and Germany out to be a mighty footballing nation.  The results so far have been on his side, viz, German 4 Australia 0.  However, the USA have to be a stronger side than Australia.  USA only managed a draw against England due to Robert Green’s blunder.

Green’s blunder might have been down to the use of the new Jabulani ball.   The new ball for the Sought African tournament.  The Germans have been training with the Jabulani ball for 6 months. England had never used it before. A massive oversight in preparation for Capello.


Capello dropped a bomb and the squad is decided

Posted on June 1, 2010 by in England

No more tinkering from Fabio Capello. The England squad for the football World Cup in South Africa has been confirmed. Gareth Barry’s ankle injury hasn’t ruined his chances of playing. He’s in. Theo Walcott hasn’t made it. Not surprising, perhaps, as he has only had 15 starts for Arsenal in the last season. Walcott had plenty of chances to show that he could improve over the last year but, his collection of injury woes probably made this difficult

Fabio Capello said after the Japan match that not a lot has changed for the selection of the 23 man squad for the World Cup. As a result Allan Shearer writing over on the BBC website speculated that it would end in disappointment for Joe Cole, because he was not getting enough first team football… not so. Joe Cole has made the squad. Heskey has been left on the bench a couple of times recently but he has made the squad as well. Let’s look at how the performances against Japan might have shaped Capello’s final decision.


On to the World Cup, Gareth Barry was missed against Mexico

Posted on May 26, 2010 by in England, FIFA World Cup

The Premiership has been concluded. There is no need to talk about Chelsea or Man United because it was always going to be one of those two at the top. Instead what an interesting race and finish for the fourth spot. Something we vented our feelings about in the last post. So well done Tottenham. Personally, I had a gut feeling Tottenham would make it and that they would disappoint Mancini’s Man City.

Talking about Man City Gareth Barry was sorely missed in England’s 3-1 victory over Mexico. Fabio Capello feels he has lost the control and balance that Gareth Barry brought to midfield. Gareth Barry is a key part of the squad and the ankle ligament injury he picked up against Tottenham in May has risked his role in the World Cup.

Capello offered shielded criticism that England lacked dominance and attacking play against Mexico which could have resulted from the inability of Michael Carrick or Jamie Milner to control midfield. Gerrard was brought from out wide into a more central role in the second half which helped change the game. In the first half Mexico where allowed too much possession while England just sat back and watched.

Lets see if Frank Lampard can reassert England’s aggression in Midfield when the team meet Japan next. In order to beat Span, Brazil and others England will need to up their tactical game or compensate with more control and aggression.

England will play the runners up in group D. Assuming Germany win group D that leaves Ghana, Serbia, and Australia and likely contenders. So we’ll have to wait until England meet Brazil in the semi final to find out. A bold statement, no way.

Is 4th the new 1st in the Premier League?

Posted on April 20, 2010 by in Man City, Spurs

The race for the fourth spot in the Premiership is more entertaining than seeing the same old stalwarts jostling for the top spot. Seriously Chelsea, Man United, and Arsenal in the top three, yawn.  Same ol same old story.  Although individually there are some interesting aspects to Man United’s and Chelsea’s seasons, viz, Man U’s performance after the loss of Ronaldo and of course Rooney’s disastrous ankle injury. Chelsea’s ups and downs have been well documented, what with a loss against Tottenham in the final leg of the season and problems with the Captain (Terry).  Arsene Wenger’s fighting to make something of his young Arsenal side hasn’t even been mentioned.

No the action is all about the coveted fourth spot.  It has been noted how things have gone from bad to worse with the chances of Liverpool recently.  What with Rafa Benetez’s position as manager being called into doubt.  The final nail in the coffin must surely (not for Benetez but for Liverpool) be the injury of Fernando Torres.

No no no, forget all that lot.  Tottenham Hot Spur and Manchester City, both having played the same number of games and being within 2 points of one another, is where it’s at.  What a show down.  Tottenham are cooking after defeating Chelsea, which combined with the win that Paul Scholes stole in the final minute against Man City has really mixed things up at the end of the season.


Goalkeeping problems at Arsenal

Posted on February 20, 2010 by in Arsenal, English Premier League

No surprise to see that Arsene Wenger is holding the referee responsible for Lukasz Fabianski’s errors, which culminated in Arsenal’s defeat to Porto recently. The blame will no doubt end up be laid upon the Polish goalkeepers shoulders.

It is hard to follow some of the goal keeping greats that stood before Fabianski. The search for a reliable first choice goalkeeper continues. Something that has evaded Arsenal since the departure of David Seaman. Similar to what happened at Manchester United after Peter Schmeichel left. Big shoes to fill, well, in front of goal mouth rather than commentating.

Man U have now found Edwin Van Der Sar……….but the search continues at Arsenal.


Tottenham fans are losing faith….. but why?

Posted on February 14, 2010 by in English Premier League, Spurs

Over at Spurs-Web there has been an interesting debate about whether Tottenham’s Champions League dream is over. Tottenham fans had the utmost faith in Harry Redknapp.

Most expected spurs to finish in the top four of the premiership.  Then…. whack.  A disasterous home game against Wolves, and Tottenham whimper off with their tales between their legs after having succombed to the double by Wolves.

Obvoius questions flying around now are ‘can Spurs finish in the top four?’  Especially as Liverpool has picked up it’s game.  Not to mention Manchester City widening the points gap.  Have they blown the chances of qualifying for the Champions League?


Rafa Benitez… pro and cons… Ronnie Whelan says get rid

Posted on January 17, 2010 by in Liverpool

He hasn’t noticed the quality of some of the player he has let go;

Robbie Keane – who has performed well at Tottenham
Craig Bellamy – playing for Manchester City who has adapted to Roberto Mancini’s changes with gusto
Peter Crouch – also playing well for Tottenham, and probably in the world cup squad for South Africa.

The strange team selection and transfer signings have resulted in more bad signings than good.

On the “up side”, and put this in inverted commas because there really arn’t any. Except that Rafa has had some good history at Liverpool FC. Many used to site in the “Rafa United camp”, like the author of five reasons Rafa Benitez must leave Liverpool FC now.

Not unsurprisingly this is the tone of opinion about this once sucessful manager.


The last nail…. from bad to worse for Liverpool

Posted on January 15, 2010 by in Liverpool

At LetsCompareBets we noted the negative press about Rafa Benetez recently. Amungst all the negativity there was still a glimer of hope for the Liverpool manager. If he could start playing well in the new year and get Torres playing consistantly his management would be saved.

By then…. Liverpool went an lost to Reading. Yes Reading the championship side. Leaving only the Europa League as the only chance of silverware for Liverpool this season.

Now we’re not saying Reading are a rubbish team when taken in context, however, against a side like the Reds this shouldn’t have happened.

A monumental battle for the top 4

Posted on December 31, 2009 by in English Premier League, Liverpool, Man United, Spurs

How will the fight for premiership title develop? The battle for the top four is hotting up.

With Chelsea not looking the dominant force they once where it is not a clear cut finish for the Premiership title.  Some have commented that Chelsea are not the dominant force they once where.  With the parture of Didier Drogba to play in the Africa Cup of Nations Carlo Ancellotti is having to put his hope in the young strikers Fabio Borini and Daniel Sturridge.  Neither have scored for the club before.  Ancellotti can’t rely on Anelka because he is injured.  On top of this fellow Ivory Coast player Salomon Kalou and Ghana’s Michael Essien are also leaving to play in the Africa cup of Nations.


What the managers age saying… Mancini a genius?

Posted on December 29, 2009 by in English Premier League, Man City

Mancini has only just taken over from Sparky and he has proven himself.  Since his start we’ve seen some excellent performanaces from the likes Carlos Tevez, viz Man City vs Wolves, 0-3.  Possibly showing a spot of genuis playing Bellamy and Robinho down the flanks.  Expect to see more of Bellamy showing off his work rate down the flanks feeding through loads of crosses  for Tevez to convert.  Mancini has taken his job back to basics.  Man City have managed a clean sheet in past games.  He has been working with Kolo Toure to firm up City’s defence.  It all sounds like the ingredients of making a top for team.  Firm defence and stricker working with consistant and proactive mid field.

Here’s what Roberto Mancini had to say.

“We have another 19 games, so all is possible. We have a good team and if we keep concentrating it’s possible [to win the Premier League]. We must carry on playing well and winning. Then, in two months, we can look at the situation [in the title race]. It’s important that we just play well and improve match after match. If we keep playing well, if we keep the ball on the pitch and play a short game, we can arrive in the top four.”


As West Ham yo yo Spurs have sealed the double

Posted on December 28, 2009 by in English Premier League

The was a consensus view that the West Ham vs Tottenham game would result in a 3 -1 win to Tottenham.

At LetsCompareFootball we suspected that Tottenham would win this London Derby. Our view was strengthened further after reading a preview from SpursOdyssey.

The effect of West Ham beating Portsmouth and a well earned draw against Chelsea recently may have been underestimated because Spurs where only allowed to score 2 goals. However, the effect of West Ham’s injuries sustained at the weekend caused the Hammers not to score a goal at all.

The pre match view over at the West Ham blog was particularly good as it predicted that Jermain Defoe would be drafter to play his old club. Defoe took this role with bluster and scored with nine minutes remaining. The return of Ledley King, and especially Luka Modric from injury really boosted Spurs abilities. It was an early strike from Luka Modric who set Tottenham well on their way to three points.

Spursodyssey described Tottenham’s past performances against West Ham to back up their opinion of why Spurs should do the double over West Ham.

Foreigners are stealing top managers jobs

Posted on December 23, 2009 by in English Premier League, Man City

When the money comes the management changes.  Look at the top teams in the Premiership today.  All the top managers jobs go to foreigners.  With a campaign to promote home grown premiership football players gaining interest the same can’t be said for British football managers.

Why shoud it be this way?

It could be the higher wages…. this may explain why foreigners are so happy to come to the UK.