September 18, 2019

What does Franz Beckenbauer know….

Posted on June 15, 2010 by in England

Mr Beckenbauer knows a fair bit.  He has had great success as a player, coach and manager.  So he is qualified to comment on England’s performance.  But, slightly unwise and poor timing.  Although many will agree with his comments, although, he has slaughtered England. Is he worried that England will be playing Germany in the first round of the knock out stages.

He’s not sure if Capello can change the England team.  He thinks England are regressive under Capello.

Mr Beckenbauer is making England out to be a fallen footballing nation and Germany out to be a mighty footballing nation.  The results so far have been on his side, viz, German 4 Australia 0.  However, the USA have to be a stronger side than Australia.  USA only managed a draw against England due to Robert Green’s blunder.

Green’s blunder might have been down to the use of the new Jabulani ball.   The new ball for the Sought African tournament.  The Germans have been training with the Jabulani ball for 6 months. England had never used it before. A massive oversight in preparation for Capello.


Capello dropped a bomb and the squad is decided

Posted on June 1, 2010 by in England

No more tinkering from Fabio Capello. The England squad for the football World Cup in South Africa has been confirmed. Gareth Barry’s ankle injury hasn’t ruined his chances of playing. He’s in. Theo Walcott hasn’t made it. Not surprising, perhaps, as he has only had 15 starts for Arsenal in the last season. Walcott had plenty of chances to show that he could improve over the last year but, his collection of injury woes probably made this difficult

Fabio Capello said after the Japan match that not a lot has changed for the selection of the 23 man squad for the World Cup. As a result Allan Shearer writing over on the BBC website speculated that it would end in disappointment for Joe Cole, because he was not getting enough first team football… not so. Joe Cole has made the squad. Heskey has been left on the bench a couple of times recently but he has made the squad as well. Let’s look at how the performances against Japan might have shaped Capello’s final decision.